It’s really hard to put in writing my experience with Silvia! Her approach is so much more than slimming down or building muscle, it’s a well-balanced all over mind body and spirit experience!Working out with her has not only strengthened my body but also my mind soul!  Jill, 52

I love working with Silvia, and I am probably her worst student. At 68, my goal is low -- to slow decrepitude. Silvia's warmth, bright positive attitude, 100% consistency and reliability, as well as her personal example of healthy living, have all kept me exercising regularly for over five years now. And that's a miracle.   Teri, 68

what our clients say about us

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Silvia is the BEST, hands down! She started training me a little over two years ago and she continues to be exactly the same: compassionate, patient, professional, helpful, positive, a great educator, and most importantly a lifelong friend. 
She is very passionate about her work and always wants to see me strive. My weight loss journey has been a long one but I wouldn't change a thing. She has taught me tremendously about fitness and nutrition and I still learn new things from her. I love the changes I am seeing in myself both physically and mentally. 
At the beginning, I was always about quick fixes and I now know there is no such thing. She has always been patient with me and she has taught me all about staying patient with my own progress. She always believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. 
With COVID19 happening, I knew we'd find a way to keep working together. She continues to be a rockstar even in Zoom sessions. She definitely makes the workouts fun and something to look forward to. I'll always be thankful I found her! You rock, Silvia! 

jesse, 38

Silvia is wonderful! She has added so much to my life in regard to physical well-being, nutrition and energy. She is knowledgeable, always positive and has a helpful idea for every issue. I also feel she is a  person of total integrity as she continues to grow her business and be available to more clients. ​  Linda, 75

"Silvia is a wonderful coach. She is a skilled professional who is genuinely enthusiastic about seeing her clients attain their goals. She has taught me a great deal about nutrition and fitness, and as a result, my weight is down, my blood pressure is down, and my strength and energy levels are much improved.  I wholeheartedly recommend Silvia to anyone looking for an excellent health and fitness partner."   roger, 63

Silvia has been a great partner in my health, particularly during these times of uncertainty. I am positive that without her training sessions, that I would have quickly fallen into poor habits while under stay at home orders, particularly without access to my normal outlets for activity such as yoga classes at the gym. She has given me great guidance about healthy eating and that has certainly helped get me on track to my health and weight goals. In just over two months, I have lost eleven pounds and have gained nice tone in my arms and a flatter stomach. It is amazing how effective her sessions have been with Zoom. I feel that we are still connected in the same way, like she is here with me at my house. She was able to provide me with an effective workout with just the limited tools I had available. I am so thankful to have had Silvia highly recommended to me and would certainly recommend Silvia to anyone who wants a well-rounded and compassionate training experience. She's the best! Allison, 39

Working with Silvia totally changed my life after I had my son--I lost 45 pounds and got my old body back (and a better version of my pre-baby body)! Otherwise I would not have had the energy or stamina to keep up with the little guy and work full-time as a real estate agent. And now, in the lockdown era, Silvia's virtual sessions have been a literal lifeline and have helped me retain my fitness and my sanity! She is the BEST!!" 

Alex, 43

With Silvia’s help, I feel so much more fit and energetic than I have in years!  I’m 65 years old and was feeling tired and weak and unmotivated.  I have been working with Silvia for 4 years, and don’t know why I waited so long to find a partner like her.  She’s smart, beautiful, personable, understanding, and motivating.  She adjusts her approach to the condition and motivation of her clients, and spurs us to work harder in our own health interests.  I was on a schedule of 1 or 2 times a week, and now have signed up for 3 times a week since we all have time during this pandemic.  So I am happy to report I will NOT be one of the “quarantine fifteen”!  Thanks to Silvia!  ann, 65

Silvia has made me stronger and has improved my ballance 100%! As a 78 year old woman, i need to keep my body flexible and active. Silvia has helped me accomplish mt goals. Her sessions are varied, never boring and actually fun to do! She makes me feel confident and valuable. I recommend the zoom training right now !! It has helped me tremendously to stay sane and healthy !   

diane, 78